etesting.center, a new entry point for the existing ipasscode.com system, offers innovative new testing features to professional users. etesting.center electronically processes questionnaires that use self-report, teacher report and caregiver report. It provides individual and group test referrals for clinical and research applications. For individual testing, a new dashboard permits referrals to be issued in a single step. For research applications, subject data can be imported from an existing spreadsheet and etesting.center referrals can be batched to the entire sample using parameters set by the investigator. In addition a new test scoring panel provides online processing of paper questionnaires for all tests in the system that create professional reports for use by the professional.

etesting.center uses the 'passcode referral method', the only available methodology that allows professionals to utilize every assessment tool in a system without having to purchase anything. etesting.center now by default utilizes secure email through Hushmail to protect private health information as required by HIPPA standards.

Signing up to use etesting.center is free; the professional submits his/her academic or licensing/certification credentials and agrees to use the site within the scope of their professsional competence. When approved, an individual account is created for the professional. From this account passcodes can be issued to individuals in the approved professional's area of practice.

Most users issue passcode testing referrals with "client payment" where the cost of the testing is borne by the person for whom the test is intended (or their caregiver). If desired, a professional may purchase assessments using an account balance kept on the site (professional payment) and opt to bill the client separately. Alternatively, 'contract'uses may be purchased in bulk for use in the professional's account. With professional and contract payment, financial arrangements are transparent to the client/patient user who completes the rating measure.

A number of measures have been licensed from their publishers. Adult measures such as the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II), the Beck Anxiety Inventory, Caterino Adult ADHD Scale and Parenting Satisfaction Scales are on the system. The Dunn Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile is also now ready for use. For children and adolescents, the Beck Youth Inventories and the Brown ADD Scales are available. B-DI publications, such as The Carey Temperament Scales, the Adult Temperament Questionnaire of Thomas and Chess (ATQ2), the BASICS Behavioral Adjustment Scale and TACTIC are also currently on the system.

To register, click here to request approval from the etesting.center administrator. A detailed User's Guide is included, when registration is approved.

  • Faster!

  • Professional can refer electronically, even without the patient present.

  • Secure!

  • The system utilizes encrypted internet connections and secure email through Hushmail by default to meet HIPAA standards.

  • Economical!

  • Tests are only purchased when required. No need to maintain a large inventory of different tests and versions.
  • Flexible!

  • With 'client payment' option, professionals can use all of the tests in the system without having to purchase any of them.

See FAQs for more information about how the site operates. Professionals click here to register.